Shipping FAQ

How is it being shipped? how long its on the road for?

Pies are shipped via UPS Ground Delivery. They take two-three days to arrive. 

When will you send the order?

Our first shipments will go out November 15, in order for pies to arrive before Thanksgiving day. You may select a shipping date after the Thanksgiving holiday as well. 

What should I do with my pie when I get it?

Our pies are shipped frozen and you should store them in the freezer when you get them, unless of course you want to dig in right away. When you are ready to enjoy, please follow the instructions on the box. Remember to allow time for thawing.

How long can my pie be kept frozen after I get it?

Please enjoy within three months of receiving your pies. 

Are your pies gluten-free or vegan?

Our pies are made with four, lots of butter and sometimes full fat cream. They are also made in a bakery that uses tree nuts. For more information, please see pie details on the pages of the specific pies you're interested in.