Prepare to Pick-up pie

A few steps to follow when picking up pie on holidays. Start with confirming the business hours.

1605 2nd Ave, Oakland, CA 94606

Wednesday, July 3rd
3 PM - 8 PM

Fourth of July, Business Hours
10 AM - 5 PM


If you are thinking about picking more than one pie and you have favorite flavors you intend to secure. Try to call ahead 510-859-PIES (7437) or submit an order at If you do not receive a reply confirming your order within a short timeframe prepare to come early before inventory sells out. We apologize if you are not able to reach us, we are a small operation and get quite busy during holidays. If you are traveling from far be sure to call your neighborhood retail grocery at one of these locations and ask for PIETISSERIE before making the trip.

SHOW UP, GET PIE, and go!!!

We welcome all pie lovers are delighted to offer pies to shop visitors. There may be a line so we ask for your patience in advance. Have your selections ready so that when you reach the counter things can move swiftly.

Don’t forget to take a picture and share on social @pietisserie to let your friends and family know where you buy pie!